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THRILL is a very subjective term as thrill can be as simple as a wild motorcycle ride and can be as complex as BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERING innocent young men in a series of events just for the sake of gratifying a MORBID gay sexual fantasy, the SICKEST and MOST ABSURD sexual fantasy you can imagine involving an integrated web of CHILD ABUSE, DECEPTION, LUST, RAPE, MURDER and an OBSESSION with DISMEMBERED human body parts, JUST FOR THE THRILL OF IT. A thrill that HAUNTED and ultimately DESTROYED the lives of actual persons whose central character revolves around one of the most NOTORIOUS SERIAL KILLER in North America, JEFFREY DAHMER, an American serial killer who MURDERED 17 men and boys – most of whom were of African or Asian descent – between 1978 and 1991, with the majority of the murders occurring between 1987 and 1991. His murders were particularly GRUESOME, involving RAPE, TORTURE, DISMEMBERMENT, NECROPHILIA and CANNIBALISM.


But during his sentence something changed, and before his death, Dahmer went on MSNBC with his father. When asked what contributed to his new accountability, he told his father, "Thanks to you for sending that creation science material."

In the interview Dahmer acknowledges that he once believed in the evolution theory which "cheapens life". He went on to testify to the Lord Jesus Christ being the true Creator and accepting Him as his Savior.


After the murders, the Oxford Apartments at 924 North 25th Street were demolished; the site is now a vacant lot. Plans to convert the site into a memorial garden failed to materialize.

Lionel Dahmer published a book in 1994, A Father's Story, and donated a portion of the proceeds from his book to the victims and their families. Most of the families showed support for Lionel Dahmer and his wife, Shari. He has retired and resides with his wife in Medina County, Ohio. He consults on the creation-evolution controversy occasionally, and his wife was a member of the board of the Medina County Ohio Horseman's Council. Both continue to carry the name Dahmer and say they love Jeffrey despite his crimes. Lionel Dahmer's first wife, Joyce (Flint), died of cancer in 2000 at the age of 64. She was later buried in Atlanta, Georgia. Dahmer's younger brother David changed his last name and lives in anonymity.

Dahmer's estate was awarded to the families of 11 of Dahmer's victims who had sued for damages. In 1996, Thomas Jacobson, the lawyer representing eight of the families, announced a planned auction of Dahmer's estate to raise up to $1 million, sparking controversy. A civic group, Milwaukee Civic Pride, was quickly established in an effort to raise the funds to purchase and destroy Dahmer's possessions. The group pledged $407,225 including a $100,000 gift by Milwaukee real estate developer Joseph Zilber for purchase of Dahmer's estate; five of the eight families represented by Jacobson agreed to the terms and Dahmer's possessions were destroyed.

In January 2007, evidence surfaced potentially linking Dahmer to Adam Walsh's 1981 abduction and murder in Florida. True crime writer Arthur Jay Harris, who investigated the case for years, found evidence that Dahmer was in the same mall where Adam was killed and may have had access to a blue van. New Times columnist Bob Norman checked out Harris' investigation and also came to believe that Dahmer was the chief suspect.Most recently, ABC's Primetime featured the theory in a half-hour segment, airing Harris' findings to a national audience. However, Adam's father, John Walsh, believes that another serial killer, Ottis Toole, committed the crime.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


He cared for nothing more than a PENIS ENLARGER he bought from the House of Condom in Singapore on a credit card NOT HIS OWN.

He also cared for nothing more than a change of face from one that looked like a bicycle’s seat to one of a handsome-looking elite.

Lastly, he also cared for nothing more than an identification card sporting the name of the highest official of the church organization he belonged to – one that he would BETRAY later on and charge of RAPE in order to materially survive.

All of these have been his passport to stardom – a spotlight he shares with his new organization, the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) with all the attention of the International Crime Police Organization or INTERPOL.

DANIEL VERIDIANO, alias PUTO, the man for whom the Interpol would mobilize to catch his enemy is now the man of the hour – thanks to an all-powerful church group in the Philippines he is now a part of.

The common denominator to Puto and the INC is that they have the same enemy – Eliseo Fernando Soriano – the walking bible who readily says a mouthful about religions he had examined to be deceiving people and whatever he sees as evil. No matter that the constitution of the Interpol says it doesn’t involve itself in crimes that do not overlap several member countries in order to maintain as politically neutral a role as possible, Eliseo Soriano’s name is suddenly in its list. Puto’s enemy and the INC’s enemy seems well-taken care of. From a rape case that Puto concocted, helped by his Iglesia ni Cristo, they have him secure on a “Red Notice” of the Interpol according to an INC report.

Wikipedia quotes the constitution of the Interpol that this organization’s work focuses primarily on public safety, terrorism, organized crime, war crimes, illicit drug production, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, child pornography, white-collar crime, computer crime, intellectual property crime and corruption. Granted that Soriano had committed the crime of rape, it doesn’t come up yet to any of these crimes listed that would involve the Interpol.

Puto must be laughing at everyone since he, himself only mocked up the rape charge. Suddenly it leads to an international watch by a most respected body. Whoever had that posted there must have prepared a most believable report. But that is not the concern of Puto as his godfathers in the Iglesia ni Cristo have everything prepared for him. He only has to keep mouthing lies against Soriano and he gets to continue with his new-found job - a ready source of income to maintain his new face and high living, and perhaps to continue with his gay sexual pursuits.

PUTO'S CONFESSION OF RAPE and pilfering of church collections. Puto mentioned only 9 of his victims. When he was told that 14 complained as having been molested by him, he answered, "Hindi ko na matandaan." (I cannot anymore recall.) He wrote this confession in his bid to be forgiven and be re-considered, yet he kept mum about his wild purchases.

By now, the length and size of his penis have become common knowledge to the public. Over at YouTube, the videos describe his organ as really large. His rape victims demonstrate an open “O” with their thumb and pointer finger. They say it is 5-and-a-half inches in length but the size has become their problem because when he forced his penis into their anus, it was really painful.
Penis enlarger as an item had caught the attention of the church administration when receipts began coming in for the credit card Puto used beginning July 30, 2002. It is hardly an item for church use. It showed a grossly irresponsible shopper who was already going out of his way from the doctrines being preached by Soriano. When asked about the penis enlarger, he said that the preacher had asked for it.

Initially, the shopping list showed many luxury items for food, health and sports and even if the amounts were superfluous, it did not quite alarm the Administration. Puto went from city to city and in one day, he could be in several places with his spending spree to include Baguio, Manila, Olongapo, Pampanga, Davao, and even outside the country like Singapore.

Puto was allowed to purchase materials for emergency use for his office, which is why he had access to an extension credit card, but he went loose. What appeared to be just a fancy buy when he included unauthorized purchases for his medication from Healthy Options and GNC Live Well, and sports outfits from Toby’s, led him from one thing to another. He probably wore the most expensive brief hereabouts and he bragged to his friends that they cost thousands. Just like the luxury items he wore, he told his office mates that they came from the preacher. From purchasing Botox treatments to expensive information technology (IT) items, cameras, watches and clothes, he got bolder and bolder that he took on expensive holiday trips to tourism beaches to dream up a life he did not rightfully deserve. He was testing the limits of the extension credit card.

Secretly, Puto had long been riding along an identification card that he had prepared himself as head of the Attendance Monitoring System, which is why the purchases under that name did not immediately take concern. For the name on that ID, he printed that of the preacher. For the photograph, he pasted that of his newly minted face. The signature, he had the gold finger for that.


NEW FACE AND STOLEN IDENTITY. Puto made an ID placing himself as producer of Breakthrough, a program in UNTV. As people in UNTV are acquainted with him, he would use this ID for secret transactions. Yet this same identity he had stolen belonged to the man he would one day betray - Bro. Eliseo Soriano.

With the credit card, it was like he could buy anything we wanted at every turn – shades, watches, jewelries, shoes, clothes, dinners with friends, you name it. A sensible man would be satisfied with one watch for a long, long time, just as he would with some shades. But he was not. It was like every week, he needed a new pair.

Puto thought the banks were his very own wallet. His favorite were the Metrobank and Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) where he could draw cash advance with the credit card five times to a total of PHP 90,000 in just one day. And then he would shift to other branches to do the same after two or three days. While Onesimus Men’s sells expensive clothes, mostly barong (intricately designed from Philippine native jute), they were chicken to Puto. Groceries on the credit card sounded like he was supplying a big 24/7 convenience store. He didn't even hide the fact that when he shopped, he included the carts of the department store up to his own vehicle. Still single, it was like he was feeding a big party all the time as reflected in his grocery lists. Those lists also projected someone running frequently for medical needs.


PUTO'S PENIS ENLARGER, the item that got the Administration's eye on him. This photo was taken after he left for Boracay, a popular beach resort in the country, and complaints against him were beginning to pile up. The metal-looking part is a manual pump provided with a connector. The large, tall glass comes with the set. Advertisements on penis enlarger say it can work the penis up to 3 inches larger.

Puto loved jewelries so much like he has many hands and neck to adorn, but he appeared to be buying gifts for himself and for others too. The list of Puto for 2003 just for watches and jewelries showed the following in Philippine Pesos: Swatch, 800; Swatch, 3,500; Swatch, 13,600; Lucerne, 6,400; A. Rialto 39,697.00; Montre watch, 26,620; A. Rialto 18,800; A. Rialto 14,776; Venice jewelers, 40,000; and L. Heng Jeweller (Singapore) 79, 131. For 2003 alone, he spent a total of PHP 243,324.00.

For 2004, his list also showed the following just for watches and jewelries alone: Mossanite, 9,000; A. Rialto 23, 364; Multi Time, 446, 777; Gorriceta karat, 18, 801; A. Rialto, 14,750; and No Curfew, 23,940. For this year alone, and for these items, he incurred PHP 536, 632. In two years time, he bought several watches and fine jewelries from only a few thousands to enormous amounts to total PHP 779,956.

Puto might not have a car but he rode taxis like he could afford any distance on any amount. He might not have a house, but he seemed to have furnished many already from the items he had bought. Like the gay, he is, he frequented much the SM department stores of the country where he had his frequent beauty treatments.

It was on February 20, 2003 that Dermclinic would first work on his face, followed by so many others. No treatment was less than PHP 15,000 on the credit card so that he may have thought of paying in cash and going for more expensive treatments.. Suddenly the cash advances were becoming frequent so that by the time he was found out in 2004, his minted face had spent a fortune. It was after some five months, though - after his change of face - on August 7, 2003 that he bought his penis enlarger in Singapore for PHP 10, 607.93.


THE REAL DANIEL VERIDIANO, alias Puto, on the left before he underwent some facial works - charged to the credit card meant for purchasing church equipment. Soriano excommunicated Puto from the Church of God, International after which Puto joined the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) and filed a rape case against the preacher. The INC had been filing case after case against Soriano even before Puto joined them, which filing continues to this day.

Records show that from 2002 to 2004, Puto had been purchasing IT equipment presumed to be for use of his former office in the ADDCIT (communication, information and technology) with the same credit card. At the rate he was purchasing items, he must have equipped a very sophisticated office well provided with many of the premium gadgets around, but no. By the time he left his office, he alone knows where he had placed most of those items.

It looks like Puto had landed on a new career but one where he had to speak continuously against his one-time benefactor and the “rape” charge is just one of his aces in order to survive and live his expensive style. His use of the credit card ended June 20, 2004, however. When he wrote his confession letter on November 21, 2004 to two Ministers-in-charge (MICs) in his desire to be forgiven, he only admitted “kahalayan” (rape and acts of lasciviousness) to only nine of his office mates and pilfering church collections. There was no mention of what he did with the credit card.

In between these months, from July 2004 where he had no more access to the credit card up to November 21, 2004 when he wrote his confession letter and appeal, he was out of cash or source of money as he reflected on his suspension. Despite what was discovered about Puto, the preacher took care of his medication for kidney trouble and gave him money for that, in the hope that Puto could still change. Puto, himself, talked about that in his video testimony that could be viewed in YouTube.

Puto maybe the luckiest man on earth today. He must be the first to be laughing at how eventually his lie about being raped has gotten the whole world’s notice, least of all the International Crime Police Organization or Interpol. Puto had victimized some 14 of his subordinates from acts of lasciviousness to rape and yet he has gotten scott-free. The only thing the victims were able to do so far was to tell to the world how he had victimized them in YouTube and describe his penis.

The ace in the card of Puto is the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), his new-found group when he could no longer be acceptable to Soriano’s group. For a long, long time, this could only be the solution to his dreams of one day becoming a minster-in-charge (MIC) which was never realized. At one time, in the hearing of his office mates, he had declared that if he doesn’t become an MIC, he may just become an INC.

In Soriano’s group, confessions are appreciated and seen as a sign of repentance. In Puto’s case, however, he only wanted to remain still in his position by hiding some of his acts. The man who used to take the dictates of the Presiding Minister in a laptop saw himself as Secretary General, a power he abused to insert the names of his enemies in circulars that contained the list of those suspended and excommunicated by Soriano. He never had that position, however, as it was occupied by Luzviminda Cruz, a pioneer and one of most trusted aides of the preacher. Yet, Puto saw this opportunity to use a secret weapon to threaten his rape victims with. Once, Puto met a young man from the construction group walking home one day – dirtied with cement and dust. He ordered him to come with him to his room, but there raped him.

After Puto’s appeal to be re-instated to the organization failed, he joined - as he had threatened -the Iglesia ni Cristo. There was a lull here, however. It took him some time to think and connect with those who left the organization for the Iglesia ni Cristo until he finally became one of them. His presence is still felt from time to time in forms of scouting for former brothers to convince them to follow him. He was offering “jobs,” just like the one he holds now, and the job was only to speak against Bro. Soriano. This was revealed by a young boy who used to go around looking for some kilo of rice for his poor parents. He had refused the offer of PHP10, 000 a month just to be speaking against the preacher.

In the few years just before he was to be excommunicated, instead of participating in church activities and listening to the preaching, Puto’s mind was out somewhere. Eliseo Soriano, the Presiding Minister of the church of God, International, is strict, as far as doctrines are concerned, and on the weekly Thanksgiving days placed on Saturdays, the members dutifully gather to study God’s word. At these times, Puto could only be found in vacation spots, mostly in the beaches where he loved to imagine a different life.

In a video testimonial of his friend, Freeman Maynes, he revealed that whenever they traveled far away from the city and nearing the beach, Puto would shout “holocaust,” then shamelessly attack one of them that he would undress forcefully and grab the private parts. This was reported by Maynes who eventually was excommunicated, too, for taking advantage of others. Instead of talking about himself, he revealed more about Puto.

Puto could have stayed on still but money is his weakness – including sex. With his nine years stay in the church, he had not internalized the teachings, even as basic as being truly repentant to be forgiven.

Puto’s portrait is a showcase of what is sordidly happening in the country. For accommodating an organization that lives its life playing with election-hungry politicians with its bloc-voting practice, and allowing its intervention in so many forms, the country’s justice system is expected to be sorely decadent. Already laden with corruption charges as with the Office of the President of the Land, the justice system of the country cannot be expected to be managed well.
While Puto’s new church group had filed case after case against Soriano, they could not come up with something worth the Interpol’s attention. And yet they were able to have his name in the list of persons to be searched. Could there have been an agreement that it would only be up to posting his name and photograph there? One need not ask if that is a dangerous practice because it is. It is not a secret that the Iglesia ni Cristo had come up with as many cases as they wanted to file against Soriano. It is also not a secret that INC members like Rizalino L. Arrabis, a retired US Navy man based in Guam, have been suggesting in newsites for “police officials of all countries to unite, leash and impound Eliseo Soriano.”

The military
Puto saw much of the might of the INC before he joined them. He also knew how much the INC persecuted Bro. Soriano. On February 1, 2002, on a Friday midnight up to the wee hours of the following day, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) under Gen. Reynaldo Wycoco (now deceased), raided the Convention Center of the Ang Dating Daan just on a case of libel filed by the Iglesia ni Cristo. The following morning was to be a Thanksgiving Day of the congregation so that many travelers who already were coming in for the day were disfranchised. These included the old orphans and widows of the church orphanage that was placed at the front part for easy access to the Center. Each of them then began to experience health issues from fright and sudden notice. The men came in full combat gear sporting NBI and surrounded the convention center for several hours. In such gatherings, the members could number some 60,000 on the average in the convention center alone.

After Puto left, the raids of the INC increased, this time targeting Abner Martizano, their minister who had joined Soriano’s group. Martizano could be seen on TV, revealing INC secrets and one of that was the production of comics depicting Soriano in sodomy. While no authors were named in the malicious comics, these were being directed to be distributed by the INC ministers and at that time Martizano was with the Iglesia ni Cristo.

It brought a second raid that happened on December 20, 2005. The local police of Apalit, Pampanga together with INC military men were well prepared. Just at the first gate, they went directly to the cameras and turned them off like they knew beforehand where they were positioned. Apparently Puto had sold them much information.

Once inside, past the second gate, they directed everyone they saw to line up at the Administration building and confiscated their cell phones and cameras. No one was allowed to call anybody. While they did this, some of them banged on the doors at the Strangers Hotel and kicked them, at the same time shouting at the tenants, asking where people hid Martizano.
Today, the Convention Center is still being “inspected” from time to time by the Mayor of Apalit, Oscar “Jun” Tetangco, one who thanked the INC for his election in big billboards.

The Justice
On October 5, 2005, Otto Macabulos, Asst. Provincial Prosecutor addressed an information to Jesus Manarang, Provincial Prosecutor, Province of Pampanga, that Mr. Soriano is presently facing two counts of rape (no bail recommended) that he filed pending preliminary investigation with the Prosecutor’s office in San Fernando. The information said Veridiano claimed that he was sexually abused on May 17, 2000 at around 1:30 in the afternoon and on June 8, 2001 around 3:00 in the afternoon. The information further said it was physically impossible for the accused suspect (Soriano) to carry out the alleged crimes as there are documents for him of his whereabouts.

The hard evidences given for the rape charge (Ra 8353), page 5 Resolution said: 1) On May 17, 2000 at around 1:30 in the afternoon, Soriano went to the Biological Health Center in Malate, Manila to undergo chelation therapy. It took him about 3 hours and on the basis of records, the respondent was treated at the clinic. After the chelation therapy, he went directly to Lipa city, Batangas for a Bible Exposition which started at 7pm to 11pm. Soriano never left the stage all throughout the event.

Both Dr. Jean Marzan and Dr. Frederick d. Franciso of the Biological Center attested that on such date and at that time, and on the basis of their records, the respondent was treated at the clinic.

The information further said that on June 8, 2001, that Veridiano said he was raped for the second instance at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Soriano together with Rico Fernandez at 11:30 in the morning went to the Office of one Ma. Evangeline Veliora in a bank located in Bambang, Manila. They then proceeded to meet a certain Aida Briones, an accountant recommended by Veloira as regards the loan they were applying for. Fernandez, Veliora, and Briones each had written an affidavit to affirm that Soriano was with them that day. These affidavits were notarized by Bernardo Cuaresma on October 21, 2005.

The missing document dismissing the case
The rape case was dismissed on January 26, 2006 penned by Alexandro Lopez, Assistant Provincial Prosecutor of Region III, San Fernando, Pampanga as approved by Jesus Y. Manarang, the Provincial Prosecutor. In part, the document says: “The foregoing facts, together with the rift going on between the INC and the ADD, which we cannot deny, only show that the complainant was indisputably ill-motivated from the inception, and these necessarily, without any scintilla of doubt, substantially affect, if not lessen, his credibility as an unperjured affiant. Wherefore, premises having been considered, the undersigned recommends the DISMISSAL, as he hereby DISMISSES, the complaint for rape filed by Daniel Veridiano against Eliseo Soriano docketed herein as I.S. N0. 05-I-2459 and 2460."

Months later, however, Raul Gonzales, Secretary of Justice, on March 21, 2006, directed Regional State Prosecutor Jesus Simbulan to elevate the records of the rape case to his office. The letter said: "Department of Justice. Memorandum to RSP Jesus Simbulan, ORSP, Region III, Subject: Daniel Veridiano vs. Eliseo Soriano for Rape. Date: March 21, 2006. In the interest of justice, you are directed to elevate the records of above-captioned case to my office. For immediate compliance. Raul Gonzalez. Secretary."

In the transmittal letter of the investigating prosecutor Jesus Manarang who first handled the case, he clearly stated that the records contained all 214 pages, including the resolution rendered by him which dismissed the case. However, when Soriano’s group requested for the copy of the case from the Department of Justice, it claimed that no such dismissal resolution was part of the case. By that time, Prosecutor Jesus Manarang was replaced by Jesus Simbulan who was ordered by Gonzalez to elevate the records to Gonzalez’ office.

No one petitioned for the case to be elevated as no resolution was not yet even filed in the Office of Gonzalez, yet the Secretary of Justice ordered the elevation which is highly irregular. Gonzalez then re-filed this dismissed case in Pampanga as reported by ABS-CBN Online on May 3, 2006. http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/storypage.aspx?StoryId=37521

Missing Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA)
Members of Soriano's group question the way Philippine justice is going: Why is the document dismissing the case missing? Should it be like the missing SCRA where the Iglesia ni Cristo deacons were involved in the killing of 5 Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students? Why are important documents disappearing from the files of the Supreme Court and that of the Department of Justice when the Iglesia ni Cristo are involved?

In Supreme Court Reports Annotated, Volume 339 dated August 28, 2000, in a decision rendered by Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr., on the case “PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. JUANITO ABELLA, DIOSDADO GRANADA, BENJAMIN DE GUZMAN, and EDGARDO VALENCIA, accused-appellants”, the four accused in these cases, who are deacons of the Iglesia ni Cristo, were declared guilty beyond reasonable doubt on five (5) counts of MURDER. On page 147, it states -
"There, they were mauled, tortured and beaten by appellants, who were deacons of the INC, as well as by their cohorts, using steel tubes, lead pipes, guns and other blunt instruments. Thereafter they were loaded into the van, which forthwith sped out of the compound; and three days later, or on 10 March 1992, the victim’s bodies were found floating in Pasig River, showing signs of foul play." The Supreme court at that time was headed by Hilarion Davide, popularly known to be a just man.

ABS-CBN on INC payroll?
Puto’s rape claim was published by ABS-CBN Interactive for more than a year. The article was such that only the date was changing. Editors in Soriano’s group began to protest that article, question the leadership of this outfit, and the kind of training its people had. This was made through a news posted online and titled, “Is ABS-CBN Interactive a legitimate news outfit?”
This one-story online site went blank for a time. The rape story was not there anymore but only its masthead. It returned with a vengeance, however, with another name - ABS-CBN Online. As though with malice, the rape story was back and stayed while it lasted. Meanwhile, they twisted the name of the complainant they protected to Pedriano from Veridiano. This emboldened INC posters to keep repeating the rape story in many online sites and fighting for Daniel Veridiano, alias Puto.

The rape story was picked up by Wikipedia that placed it as an integral part of the biography of Eliseo Soriano. This led to some church editors tangling with the Wikipedia staff. When Moriori of Wikipedia was chided for making use of a discredited source like ABS-CBN Interactive, his reply was to this effect: “There are many others I can use. I still have other sources.” Moriori in the end used Manila Standard as source.

Many times over, the rape story was repeated by news outfits like Soriano was convicted already- an overkill that effectively bared their intentions but mostly what group they were linked to. The aspect of its being dismissed was never mentioned - nor was the intervention of the Secretary of Justice. Despite ABS-CBN's background of the case that it reported the first time, there was no mention that their new reporting concerned a dismissed but re-filed case.
Still the questions remain: Who changed the name of Daniel Veridiano to Daniel Pedriano? Was it Raul Gonzalez, the Secretary of Justice who was highly interested in the case and had it refiled although dismissed? Or was it the ABS-CBN to facilitate their year long reporting, protect somebody but continuously destroy Soriano? In the way they treated the material, was that news for the public or an advertisement paid against Soriano? Who is now considered the complainant of Soriano, a Veridiano or a Pedriano?

With the rate Soriano's enemies are going, one cannot miss a relationship with the phoned-in calls to radio programs. As Soriano is abroad serving his international congregation, one suddenly hears his name mentioned by out-of-topic callers, an obvious fisher for his location: “What do you think happened to that Soriano? Where do you think he went? He was charged of rape, you know.” The man on board was heard to shoot back, "Sorry, you are out of topic!"
While Soriano had to exile himself, Soriano's voice could still be heard on radio from his taped programs from 10 o'clock at night to 1 o'clock in the morning over at DZAS and DZRH in "Itanong mo kay Soriano, Biblia ang sasagot" (Ask Soriano, the Bible will answer). To some of the questions asked, he could not avoid telling the truth about the Iglesia ni Cristo. Soriano can also be heard expounding the bible in “ADD by Demand,” a program in TOP Channel of UNTV that recently inked partnerships to make telecasts available in America and Canada. Added to that is www.truthcaster.com and his blog in esoriano.wordpress.com. Soriano is being followed by millions because of his great understanding of the scriptures.

In the website of the US Embassy in Manila on International Religious Freedom Report, the Church of God International, more popularly known as Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) is named as an offshoot of the Iglesia ni Cristo. It is not so and never was, and the embassy was informed in 2006 then again in 2007, but the information remained the same. On religions matters, it is consistently claimed that "there is no change," implying that all is well with the country despite what the Iglesia ni Cristo, with the blessings of Office of the President, is doing. For example, The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) under the Office of the President and headed by Ma. Consoliza Laguardia had suspended the program of Ang Dating Daan (ADD or The Old Path) of Soriano many times and at one time on the charges that Soriano uttered "Iglesia ni Manalo" (Church of Manalo) which the complainants said hurts them. However, in Net25's Ang Tamang Daan (ATD), a counterfeit of Soriano’s ADD program, the INC ministers as co-anchors spend a lot of time tearing the minister apart as magnanakaw (robber), mangogotong (extortioner), mangagansto (plunderer), yet the MTRCB allows them to continue.


PREACHER ELI SORIANO in a sign of protest to the kind of justice system obtaining in the Philippines. As a broadcaster, he feels his rights are being trampled upon while unscrupulous others are being protected. This photo was taken while he was filing his case with the Commission on Human Rights. Below are his supporters also joining the protest. Soriano has exiled himself since end of 2005 but his preaching is heard 24/7 in several TV stations local and international.

The ATD program was revealed by Romy Español, an INC minister who got affiliated with Soriano’s group, as a program that was really put up to destroy Soriano at all costs.

Puto’s "victory"
In tandem with these irregularities in the justice system, Veridiano is still lucky as in the Bureau of Immigration, he seems to have church brothers working for him. Soriano was eventually placed on a watch list. In the military, Puto would never lack brothers there. The Iglesia ni Cristo had long been displaying their might against the ADD Convention Center which they began to habitually raid, the first being that one from the NBI under Gen. Reynaldo Wycoco in February 1-2, 2002. This was followed by a time when Bro. Soriano left the Center to hold a Worldwide Bible Exposition at the Araneta Center on December 20, 2005. The Local Police and some later on identified as military members of the INC forced their way into the Convention Center, arrogantly marched into the Strangers' Hotel where they thought Martizano, the minister who left their fold, was billeted.

Puto’s victory is capped by the fact that Soriano was able to leave the country, yet the Interpol has his name with them. The Interpol is emphatic, though, that a Red Notice is not an international arrest warrant and that everyone should be assumed innocent until proven guilty. Alfred P. Dalizon, who has strong links with the Iglesia ni Cristo, however, reported on August 17, 2008, in People’s Tonight, a tabloid in the country, that Soriano is branded as a fugitive and is on an international arrest. He had it linked to World News Network, Journal Online of the Journal Group of Publications.

This practice of false reporting sets off other media outfits to pick up the report as legitimate report, it was observed. Were it not protested upon by the editors of Soriano’s group, Dalizon’s story may have created the chain reaction that he seemed to have intended. The editors asked for sanctions on Dalizon by his office, otherwise a protest of bigger dimensions would be forth-coming.

Fresh challenge Soriano reiterated his challenge to debate with Manalo after he had exiled himself towards the end of 2005 - a manifestation that he wanted resolution into all this hounding after him. The immigration officials have him on the watchlist, the Secretary of Justice is highly interested in the mocked-up charge of rape, and although dismissed, had it re-filed. The Interpol has his name on "Search" which an INC supporter banners as an international arrest warrant. To Soriano, all of these have began from the practice of selling and buying of votes.


SORIANO'S CHALLENGE REMAINS: MANALO, LET US DEBATE! Since you have launched the program, “Ang Tamang Daan” on your nationwide TV and radio network.... I have found myself perpetually at the receiving end of vicious smear campaign and character assassination. Characteristic of your designs are trashes and carps from the stinking garbage armory of desperate propagandizing ... like the following:
1) The series of televised and formal endorsement by your supposedly dignified ministers of smut magazines purportedly containing pornographic illustration of my person; 2) The dubious testimonies of the dismissed or suspended workers and members who were lucratively employed in your program purposely to vilify me; 3) The agitation effort directed to our Muslim Filipino brothers to rise up against me by presenting dubious tapes to project that I am personally against them (See images 1,2, 3); 4) Many other morally demeaning and libelous accusations hurled against me. (Manila Times, Mar. 27, 2005)

No conclusion could be made then except that new information on religion in the country has to be made. There is religious persecution in the country – thanks to the penis enlarger that opened a can of secrets from politics, to justice, to immigration, and military connections. More importantly, it has affirmed the role of media that cover these secrets from the eyes of the peering public. For one, why isn’t the murder in cold blood of Marcos Mataro, the UNTV host that left the INC and joined the Ang Dating Daan group not solved despite the fact that the reward had been jacked up to PHP 1.2M? Apparently, media from the INC greatly disinforms the public and covers for those involved.

There is more to tell. But the penis enlarger has told much already.

(SOURCE: http://janeabao.newsvine.com/_news/2008/08/27/1790279-portrait-of-the-raped-man-for-whom-the-interpol-would-mobilize)


Monday, September 8, 2008


We live in a universe where a free market of ideas exists. Reality as we know is crude and until now has no exact definition considering the infinite broadness not of its etymology and relative meaning but of its ABSOLUTE definition. The fact that the universe alone is up until now an unfathomable frontier of human interest solidifies the fact that reality has no absolute definition as the universe is an integral part of reality. The subtlety of defining reality at its most absolute definition is a very clear empirical evidence that the human mind alone is INCAPABLE of understanding some irreducibly complex part of reality which in the given example is the universe. The reason for this empirical evidence directly stems from the fact that human beings have LIMITED perception constrained by the inherent limitation of his physical senses. Every human being has a tendency to understand reality using direct physical evidence or a deductively analyzed pattern of reconstruction by safe assumptions. Human beings really are not what they think they are, THEY REALLY JUST KNOW REALITY ONLY UP TO THE EXTENT OF WHAT HIS PHYSICAL FACULTIES CAN PERCEIVE AND I AM WILLING TO DEBATE WITH ANYONE WHO WILL REFUTE MY CLAIM!

Recently I’ve had a chance to debate with a certain atheist whose name is Mr. Tony O’Neill, a man that is more of an ego-tripper than a thinking and intelligent person typical of all atheists and at this point I just want to share with you what we debated about:
By: Tony O'Neill on November 15, 2007 at 3:48 pm

Sam Jordison will kick gods ass.

By: quiel on November 17, 2007 at 1:15 pm

I am just INSTANTLY IRRITATED by a post of a certain atheist named Tony O’Neill which said and i quote, “Sam Jordison will kick gods ass.

By: jackie on November 18, 2007 at 3:50 am

Well, at least Sam Jordison is just a greedy but i think you are worse than him saying that God is Dead,,, I pray to God that He will let you feel that He is A God of living…YOU MUST FEAR GOD!!! THE REASON WHY YOU EXISTS AND YOU STILL HAVE YOUR BREATH IS THAT SAME GOD YOU ARE BLASPHEMING…But you are also one of the evidence of God’s love and mercy because though you are idiot, fool and evil He still have a long suffering for you. He still give you food to eat, still rises a sun on you, give air for you to breathe..You know what maybe that’s the reason of his greatness because if I were Him that moment you have think that in your empty and useless brain I have taken your life for you that you will know That God is Alive…but again that why He told us that His thinking is not our thinking..THAT’S why He Is Our God! WILL YOU PLEASE USE YOUR USELESS BRAIN BEFORE YOU WRITE OR SAY ANYTHING AGAINST OUR GOD!!! FOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL……..MORE SHAME ON YOU!!!!! TONY O’NEIL.. IIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIOOOOOOTTTTT…………………………………


By: jackie on November 18, 2007 at 3:53 am


By: pathfinder on November 19, 2007 at 1:51 am

to tony Oneill,
according to the “Atheists”,God does not “EXIST”.
now how can Sam “kick” something that according to your belief,don’t “EXIST”???…
it’s like seeing a “CRAZED MAN” punching and kicking something that according to him,was NON EXISTENT?!!!…
how can Sam “kill” something (that according to your belief),DID NOT EXIST?!!!…
How can YOU,or Sam,or your fellow “Atheist” kick or kill something that you don’t even have the “slightest idea” what looks like?!!!…
well “ONE THING’S” clear…
when you see someone “CURSING”,”PUNCHING”,”KICKING” and trying to “KILL” something “NON EXISTENT”…
it’s an “ATHEIST”.

By: warpath1975 on November 19, 2007 at 6:32 am

to tony oneill,
How can an “atheist” kick something that to them,was “non existent”?
it’s like seeing a “dog” barking at something “non existent”.
all you hear was loud,annoying,nonsense noise…

By: Tony O'Neill on November 20, 2007 at 8:17 pm

Dear Pathfinder (and indeed jackie)
when i say GOD IS DEAD i do not literally mean that he is dead, i mean that the IDEA of god is dead, as god is just a construct, a series of rationalisations and lies to hide our own fears or own dissapoinment that we are infact just another animal, just another bunch of DNA floating on a rock which revolves around a dying star.
in saying god is dead, i have infact MURDERED god, because if god is an idea, to debunk the idea is to kill the idea. the duty of the poet is to come before christ and murder love. or as another poet said, “in the begninng there was the word and the word was VOID” do you see what im saying?

By: quiel on December 3, 2007 at 2:49 am

By: Tony O'Neill on December 7, 2007 at 8:32 pm

hey quiel
well, one of my other posts mysteriously didnt appear on this site ( a reference to people calling sam jordison ‘money grabbing’ when we all know that the church is the biggest money grabbing racket there is) which leads me to believe that i would never get a free reign to speak on here.
however, my goodness, if you think that you can somehow prove the existence of god (which nobody has been able to do up to this point in history) then, wow, be my guest. i’m quivering with anticipation.
pinklady“If you believe that the idea of the existence of God is dead by saying that GOD IS DEAD, then how can Sam Jordison kick God’s ass like what you’ve said? If we are to follow your argument that he doesn’t exist, therefore, he also doesn’t have ass.”
well, yes, it was a joke. of course god doesnt have an ass.
all of this shouting and yelling. funny isn’t it? if you were all a bit more secure in your belief in this whole fairy tale, it probably wouldn’t bother you so much when people say things like this. oh well.

By: EYES on December 10, 2007 at 11:46 am

TO: Richard Webster, Tony O’Neill & Ben Myers
bros. can you show us a little synopsis about sam jordison books regarding GOD inexistent. (why and what his point)
maybe this can spark a showdown between bro. quiel and tony o’neill.
For the meantime let’s start by the following argument.
For tony o’neill what can you say if bro. quiel will said the following argument;
— The printed circuit board (PCB) or schematic diagram and parts of a first television is too bulky, not efficient and black and white only. Through time it evolve the PCB was redesign and the new parts is introduced and it is colored already.
but if the PCB of a television has a designer then how much more the map(schematic diagram) of human structure and traits which called DNA which is more complex than a television.
can we say it, by accident only.
if we use that argument, can we produce a TV by accident or we have to work on it?
if we have to work on it then who work on us?

By: quiel on December 10, 2007 at 7:25 am

To Tony O’Neill,

I am just so glad that you have already accepted my challenge for you to engage in a formal debate with me because you said and I quote you;” however, my goodness, if you think that you can somehow prove the existence of god (which nobody has been able to do up to this point in history) then, wow, be my guest. I’M QUIVERING WITH ANTICIPATION.”


I will start our debate because I initiated it and at this point I just want to lay down point by point the conceptual impertinence of atheism which I believe is a VERY GRAVE insult to fine human intellect. Atheism principally is BOXED and STRICTLY CONFINED to the following conceptually superficial and highly faulty principles and I enumerate;



These two principal concepts are so VITALLY IMPORTANT to atheists that without these concepts, atheism would not even exist for atheists because atheists have a VERY TWISTED and PERVERTED concept regarding what they consider to categorically exist. Let us now critically analyze these concepts to determine its logical UNsoundness.

Strict materialism is a form of physicalism which holds that the only thing that can be truly proven to exist is matter. Fundamentally, all things are composed of material and all phenomena are the result of material interactions; therefore, matter is the ONLY substance. However, ATHEISTS DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT CAUSES MATTER TO EXIST. They will just offer THEORIES full of mathematical improbabilities and will impulsively claim them as SCIENTIFIC FACTS when in fact, THEY ARE PRACTICALLY PURE GUESSWORKS THAT CAN NEVER HOLD LOGICAL WATER. One very good example is the BIG BANG THEORY which states that the universe came from a very big primordial explosion. HOWEVER, ATHEISTS DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT CAUSES SUCH EXPLOSION! ATHEISTS WILL NOT EVEN DARE TO ANSWER WHY IS THAT THERE IS A NEED FOR MATTER TO EXIST! Now Mr. Tony O’Neill, would you now offer an answer to these basic BUT VALID logical questions? I really doubt it very much if you will even budge.

Now that I have brought up the issue about MATTER let us attempt to answer WHAT REALLY CAUSES MATTER TO EXIST?

For a very long time now scientists claim the atom is the smallest particle of matter BUT RECENT SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES PROVED THEM ALL WRONG along the way. One very good example is the discovery of the NEUTRINO, elementary particles that travel close to the speed of light, lack an electric charge, are able to pass through ordinary matter almost undisturbed and are thus EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO DETECT. NEUTRINOS HAVE A MINUSCULE, BUT NON-ZERO, MASS TOO SMALL TO BE MEASURED AS OF 2007. They are usually denoted by the Greek letter ν (nu). Neutrinos are created as a result of certain types of radioactive decay or nuclear reactions such as those that take place in the sun, in nuclear reactors, or when cosmic rays hit atoms. There are three types, or “flavors”, of neutrinos: electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos and tau neutrinos; each type also has an ANTIMATTER partner, called an antineutrino. Electron neutrinos are generated whenever protons change into neutrons, while electron antineutrinos are generated whenever neutrons change into protons. These are the two forms of beta decay. Interactions involving neutrinos are generally mediated by the weak nuclear force. Most neutrinos passing through the Earth emanate from the sun, and more than 50 trillion solar electron neutrinos pass through the human body every second.


After I have solidly proven the conceptual faultiness of the principle of strict materialism, let us now critically analyze the THEORY OF EVOLUTION.

According to the theory of evolution, at some time in the distant past there was no life in the universe — just elements and chemical compounds. Somehow, these chemicals combined and came to life. However, SCIENTISTS DON’T REALLY KNOW HOW LIFE CAME TO BE. Even Stanley Miller, whose experiments are cited in most biology text books, says that THE ORIGIN OF LIFE IS STILL UNKNOWN. The idea that dead material can come to life all by itself is NOT CONSISTENT with scientific observation. The leading mathematicians in the century met with some evolutionary biologists and confronted them with the fact that according to mathematical statistics, THE PROBABILITIES OF A CELL OR A PROTEIN MOLECULE COMING INTO EXISTENCE WERE NIL. They even constructed a model of a large computer and tried to figure out the possibilities of a cell ever happening. THE RESULT WAS ZERO POSSIBILITY! Under normal circumstances, creatures give birth to the same kind of creatures. It is established scientific fact that like begets like. On rare instances, the DNA in an embryo is damaged, resulting in a mutant child that differs in some respect from its parent. Although a few mutations have been scientifically observed that are beneficial, most mutations produce inferior offspring. For the theory of evolution to be true, there must be a FANTASTIC number of creative mutations that produce new kinds of offspring which are better suited for survival, and therefore are favored by natural selection. Darwinists claim that the reptile-to-mammal evolution is well documented. But for reptiles to evolve into mammals at least some of these transformations must have happened:

1. Scales had to have mutated into hair.

2. Breasts had to have evolved from nothing.

3. Externally laid eggs had to evolve into soft-shelled eggs that were nourished by an umbilical cord and placenta in a womb.


It has NEVER been observed in any laboratory that mutations can cause one species to turn into another. Despite this, evolutionists believe that given enough time, some animals will eventually evolve into other creatures. Evolutionists claim that although we have not actually observed these things happening, that does not mean that they are impossible. They say it simply means they are EXTREMELY IMPROBABLE. Evolutionists think the world has been around long enough for all these HIGHLY IMPROBABLE things to happen. Scientific evidence casts serious doubts on the theory of evolution, for example:

1. The Fossil Record - the fossil record has been AGAINST the darwinian theory from the very beginning. It’s true that different kinds of organisms lived on the earth at different times. But what is NOT SEEN in the fossil record is the steady progressive change of one kind of thing into something completely different. Instead, if something new shows up in the rocks, it shows up all at once and fully formed, and then it stays the same. If evolution means the steady progressive change of one kind of thing into something completely different, then THE FOSSIL RECORD CONTRADICTS EVOLUTION. Given the absence of transitional forms in the fossil record, evolutionists quietly acknowledge this is still a “research issue”. There is virtually nothing in the fossil record that can be used as evidence of a transitional life form when apparent examples of useful mutations are examined thoroughly, it becomes clear that no transitional creatures exist anywhere in the fossil record. John Bonner, a biologist at Princeton, writes that traditional textbook discussions of ancestral descent are “a festering mass of unsupported assertions.” In recent years, paleontologists have retreated from simple connect-the-dot scenarios linking earlier and later species. Instead of ladders, they now talk of bushes. What we see in the fossils, according to this view, are only the twigs, the final end-products of evolution, while the key transitional forms which would give a clue about the origin of major animal groups REMAIN COMPLETELY HIDDEN. The blank spots on evolutionary “tree” charts occur at just the points where, according to Darwin’s theory, the crucial changes had to take place. The direct ancestors of all the major orders: primates, carnivores, and so forth are completely missing. There is no fossil evidence for a “grandparent” of the monkey, for example. “Modern gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees spring out of nowhere,” writes paleontologist Donald Johansen. “They are here today; they have no yesterday.” The same is true of giraffes, elephants, wolves, and all species; they all simply burst upon the scene de novo [anew], as it were. So many questions arise in the study of fossils (paleontology) that even many evolutionary paleontologists put little stock in the fossil record. Basing one’s belief in evolution on the shaky ground of paleontology can scarcely be considered scientific. The fossil record is often so sparse that . . . there are numerous cases where groups survived for tens of millions of years WITHOUT LEAVING A SINGLE FOSSIL. A criticism of the evolutionary idea was, and is, the lack of the hypothesized intermediates between one species and another. If land animals truly came from sea creatures, one would expect to find plenty of evidence of this, such as fossils of fish with their fins turning into legs. Darwin wrote in his Origin of Species that “innumerable transitional forms must have existed.” The predicted large numbers of fossil intermediate forms were never found.

2. Living Fossils - Since 1822 thousands of previously unknown animals have been found, many of which are known as “living fossils” - animals that once known only by its fossilized bones and presumed to have been extinct for millions of years and used as “proof” of evolution. But then, TO THE EMBARRASSMENT OF SCIENTISTS, THESE ANIMALS WERE LATER FOUND TO BE ALIVE IN REMOTE PARTS OF THE WORLD. Charles Darwin, himself, coined this term. In the Origin of Species he called lungfish and other species whose form remained unchanged since its inception “anomalous forms” that “may almost be called living fossils.” LIVING FOSSILS ARE LIVING PROOF OF THE ACCURACY WITH WHICH PLANTS AND ANIMALS REPRODUCE THEMSELVES AND THE FACT THAT MANY ARE NOT CHANGING AT ALL. The Okapi was once thought to have been extinct until they were found still living. These animals were once used as evidence that the horse had evolved. The Australian and African lungfish are . . . living fossils. They all look “primitive” and have lobed fins. Obviously lungfish can’t be our ancestors because they have remain unchanged, again for 400 million years. Another animal, the horseshoe crab, would be a great candidate for our ancestor. It looks “primitive” and leaves the ocean to spawn on dry land. However, it, too, is a living fossil, appearing about 425 million years ago in the Silurian period, and remaining unchanged. Similarly, gars, sturgeons, bowfins, and paddlefish all look “primitive” but are living fossils. Yet they are doing nicely in today’s environment. IN 1994. in Wollemi National Park (in the Blue Mountains) the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Services found a pine tree once thought to be extinct. They are close relations to plants only found in the so called “Jurassic and Cretaceous” periods. (65-200 million years ago). There are very few of these trees left in an isolated area. The following aquatic animals alive today are also examples of creatures that have not evolved since their fossil ancestors:- lobsters, crayfish and rays (fossils found in Jurassic rock), lampshells, mussels oysters, thumb nail shells (fossils found in Carboniferous rock), sharks (fossilized teeth found in Devonian rock), mackerel, perch, herring, jelly fish, fogs, the nautilus etc. Of the 12,000 fossilized insects the majority are similar to living types of insect found today. The fossils of bees, ants, cicadas, beetles, termites or cockroaches, and other insects are always practically identical with (though often larger than) their SUPPOSED modern descendants. The same applies to the arachnids and myriapods. Other famous living fossils include the tuatara (supposedly extinct since the Cretaceous Period until found still living in New Zealand), the Lepidocaris crustacean (only found as fossils in Devonian rocks), the lingula brachiopod (”extinct” since the Ordovician), and even the trilobite (chief index fossil of the even more ancient Cambrian Period). If all of these species have not evolved in 50 million, 100 million or even 200 million years, then WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE THAT THEY (OR ANYTHING) HAVE EVOLVED? Some changes due to speciation have occurred, but NOT THE LARGE SCALE CHANGES THAT EVOLUTION SUPPOSES. The list goes on; example after example of no change from one type of animal to another in the fossil record. Darwin tried to cover over this embarrassment by saying the fossil record is incomplete, but it wasn’t then and it’s not now. What we know about living fossils, then and now, is a representative sample of the fossil record.

3. The Cambrian “Explosion” - Nearly all animal phyla made their first appearance in the fossil record at essentially the same time, an interval of some 5 million years (about 525 to 530 million years ago) called the “Cambrian Explosion.” Scientists have found that these early fossils exhibit more anatomical body designs than exist today, and that early animals, the trilobites, had eyes as fully developed as their counterparts today. Many of the Cambrian fauna, still survive today, all looking much like they did over 500 million years ago. The prominent British evolutionist, Richard Dawkins, comments, “… [W]e find many of them already in an advanced state of evolution, the very first time they appear. It is as though they were just planted there, without any evolutionary history.” Two places in the world that have an abundance of early (Cambrian) fossils; the Burgess Shale in the Canadian Rockies and the Chengjiang site in China. In Stephen J. Gould’s popular book, Wonderful Life, he points out that the Burgess Shale Cambrian fossils include “a range of disparity in anatomical design never again equaled, and not matched today by all the creatures in the world’s oceans.” Further, these fossils contain some twenty to thirty kinds of arthropods that cannot be placed in any modern group. The modern arthropods, consisting of almost a million species, can all fit into four major groups. But “one quarry in British Columbia, representing the first explosion of multicellular life, reveals more than twenty additional arthropod designs.” TODAY THERE ARE ABOUT 38 PHYLA IN EXISTENCE, BUT THE CANADIAN, CHINESE AND OTHER CAMBRIAN SITES REVEAL OVER FIFTY PHYLA. There has been a DECREASE IN DIVERSITY (probably due to global catastrophes). This is the REVERSE of what evolutionary theory predicts. Besides diversity, the Burgess Shale shows exquisite detail, right down to “the last filament of a trilobite’s gill,” or the last meal in a worm’s gut. The Chengjiang site has even greater detail, and is earlier. According to Paul Chien, the chairman of the biology department at the University of San Francisco, said the preservation is such that internal organs, nerves, and even the water ducts of jellyfish are observable. Researchers found striking similarities between the compound eyes of the Cambrian trilobites and those of modern insects. According to Riccardo Levi-Setti, “Trilobites could see in their immediate environment with amazingly sophisticated optical devices in the form of large composite eyes. … The number of individual optical elements in the compound eye could vary from approximately one hundred to more than fifteen thousand in a single eye, a range not very different from that found in modern insects.” The conclusion is that the eye, a complex visual system, was fully formed and functional extremely early in the fossil record. OBVIOUSLY, THIS IS NOT PREDICTED BY EVOLUTIONARY THEORY. Until recently, the phylum of vertebrates had been considered a later arrival in evolutionary history. BUT NOT NOW! Even the vertebrate phylum now extends into the Cambrian period, especially with the recent discovery of two fossil fish in China. The two new fossils . . . from Chengjiang are the most convincing Early Cambrian vertebrates ever found. The insects and other land invertebrates are also a very important group, and these practically all seem to be living fossils. These complex animals were present at the beginning of multicellular life and did not appear later as is predicted by evolutionary theory. EVOLUTION DOES NOT EXPLAIN THE ABRUPT APPEARANCE OF COMPLEX FORMS OF LIFE EARLY IN THE FOSSIL RECORD OR THESE FOSSILS’ UNEQUALED DIVERSITY. The implication of the Cambrian explosion of diverse, fully functional, and multicellular life is that evolutionary theory is FALSIFIED. Life did not start out simple and evolve into more complex and diverse animals; IT WAS COMPLEX AND DIVERSE RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING. This CONTRADICTION between the fossil data and the predictions of evolutionary theory FALSIFIES the theory. Even George Gaylord Simpson, Harvard high priest of evolution had to admit,

“In spite of the examples, it remains true (as every paleontologist knows) that most new species, genera and families appear in the record suddenly, and are not led up to by known, gradual, completely continuous transitional sequences.”

4. The so called “Missing Links” – The following are some of a few SCIENTIFICALLY OBSERVABLE and WELL DOCUMENTED examples:

NEANDERTHAL MAN: When this prehistoric man was first discovered, ONLY PART OF AN ARM WAS RECOVERED. Yet, the scientific community FABRICATED an entire ancient society around an arm bone. Scientists have since found quite a few Neanderthals and after careful study have concluded that THESE ANCESTORS WERE REGULAR HUMANS WITH BONE DISEASE, PROBABLY RICKETS.

PILTDOWN MAN: For more than 50 years we were led to believe that this ancient creature was another supposed ancestor of modern man. Two scientists eventually took a closer look and found out that Piltdown man was a FRAUD. This INVENTED creature was a composite of the jawbone of an orangutan and the skull of a small child. The original “discoverers ” had stained these bone fragments to gain recognition and promote the falsehood of evolution.

NEBRASKA MAN: One ancient tooth was discovered in Nebraska. Eager evolutionists built a whole imaginary society and lifestyle around this single tooth! When they found the rest of the skull some two years later, IT WAS CLEAR THAT THE TOOTH BELONGED TO A PIG. For many years, evolutionists described Nebraska Man as a missing link.

JAVA MAN: This prehistoric man was found on the island of Java and was reported to be the missing link between man and ape. After serious study it was found that the two pieces of Java Man were from two different skulls from two different areas of the island. Both were from the same species, probably an Orangutan, but they were not the parts of a man. Recent human skulls have now been discovered in the same layer of rock.

PEKING MAN: This manlike creature was found in China during the early part of this century. No other scientists have directly observed this site and it has not actually been seen in more than 50 years. All of the examples of Peking Man were reported to have the back of their skulls smashed in, EXACTLY MATCHING THE RESULT WHEN PEOPLE OF THAT REGION HUNT FOR MONKEY BRAINS. Also, MODERN HUMAN REMAINS WERE FOUND AT THE SAME SITE.

LUCY: Lucy is the latest find that has been almost universally accepted as mankind’s ancestor. Lucy is an Australopithecus, that is actually more like a monkey than man. When the bones were studied by spectrograph, THEY WERE FOUND TO MATCH A CHIMPANZEE, RATHER THAN A MAN. Lucy too, is a MOSAIC, with BONES ASSEMBLED FROM DIFFERENT LOCATIONS.

LAETOLI FOOTPRINTS: These footprints were found in the same strata as the Lucy bones. Evolutionary scientists have said that Lucy-like animals made these, but a podiatrist concluded they are modern human footprints. It appears that Lucy is not an ancestor of modern man, but simply a MONKEY!

KENYA SKULL: Recently it was reported that scientists had discovered a fossil of a skull in Kenya that evolutionists claim has more human-like features than “Lucy.” This means that evolutionary scientists MUST ONCE AGAIN REVISE their theory of man’s origin. Ken Ham, Executive Director of Answers in Genesis says that the newly discovered fossil - which he says is NOTHING MORE THAN THE SKULL OF A CHIMPANZEE - only pokes more holes in the argument for evolution.

ARCHAEOPTERYX: Originally thought of as a transitional fossil between the reptiles and birds, it is now considered by most evolutionists to be a true bird. Also true birds have been found lower in the fossil record, making them older than Archaeopteryx. Chinese paleontologist Xu Xing contends that Archaeopteryx is a combination of two fossils: one of the body and head of a birdlike creature and the other of the tail of a dinosaur. Xing says he has found another fossil, in a private collection in China, that contains the mirror image of the supposed tail of the Archaeoraptor. National Geographic published a note in its March 2000 issue saying that CT scans of the fossil appear to confirm Xing’s observations and “revealed anomalies in the fossil’s reconstruction.”

To sum it up, here is what Dr. Austin Clark, a leading biologist of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington has to day about the subject:

“No matter how far back we go in the fossil record of previous animal life on earth, we find no trace of any animal forms which are intermediate between the major groups of phyla. Scientists have sometimes come up with a few things that they have elected as candidates as transitions, but on a later closer examination these have been seen to be misinterpretations. There are no such things as missing links. … Missing links are misinterpretations.”“Science now knows that many of the pillars of Darwinian theory are either false or misleading. Yet biology texts continue to present them as factual evidence of evolution. What does this imply about their scientific standards?” — Jonathan Wells (Recipient of Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California at Berkeley. Has worked as a postdoctoral research biologist at the University of California at Berkeley and the supervisor of a medical laboratory in Fairfield, California. Has taught biology at California State University in Hayward.)

SO MUCH LIKE STRICT MATERIALISM, THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION IS ANOTHER NONSCIENTIFIC, HIGHLY ILLOGICAL AND VERY FAULTY CONCEPT. These very concepts are the very core concepts and principles of atheism and we are not even talking yet of the concept of moral accountability and humanity which are very blurred logical concepts for atheists. ARE YOU NOW AWARE MR. TONY O’NEILL OF YOUR BIG IGNORANCE AND IDIOCY?

By: quiel on December 10, 2007 at 3:41 pm

Now that I have effectively destroyed the core fundamental concepts underlying atheism, let us then now PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF AN EXISTING LIVING GOD to the satisfaction of the “anticipation” of Mr. O’Neill.

I don’t know if Mr. O’Neill is aware that in pure and applied mathematics there is such a HIGHLY TESTED mathematical foundational concept called BIJECTION or ONE-TO-ONE CORRESPONDENCE which means a function f from a set X to a set Y with the property that, for every y in Y, there is exactly one x in X such that f(x) = y. Alternatively, f is bijective if it is a one-to-one correspondence between those sets; i.e., both one-to-one (injective) and onto (surjective). For example, consider the function succ, defined from the set of integers to , that to each integer x associates the integer succ(x) = x + 1. For another example, consider the function sumdif that to each pair (x,y) of real numbers associates the pair sumdif(x,y) = (x + y, x − y). A bijective function is also called a permutation. This is more commonly used when X = Y. It should be noted that one-to-one function means one-to-one correspondence (i.e., bijection) to some authors, but injection to others. The set of all bijections from X to Y is denoted as X Y. BIJECTIVE FUNCTIONS PLAY A FUNDAMENTAL ROLE IN MANY AREAS OF MATHEMATICS, for instance in the definition of isomorphism (and related concepts such as homeomorphism and diffeomorphism), permutation group, projective map, and many others.


To start with, we are dealing with abstract quantities in contrast to absolute quantities like real numbers like 1, -1, and even to the surprise of Mr. O’Neill, 0! Being abstract quantities we need a FIXED SET OF LOGICAL STANDARD to solve the mathematical equation which we will then prove has BIJECTION or ONE-TO-ONE CORRESPONDENCE with our variables.


For the sake of mathematical argument, let God be Set A which we will call SET GOD and let Crude Reality be Set B which we will call SET CRUDE REALITY.


Absolute quantities, constants and vectors alike, need some sort of UNIT OF MEASUREMENT for us to VALIDLY recognize the DEGREE OF MAGNITUDE of those given quantities e.g., mass in terms of grams as a constant, acceleration in terms of meter per second as a vector, etc.

God, being an abstract set variable must have some sort of a MATHEMATICAL FUNCTION for us to identify set elements having VALID BIJECTION to Crude Reality which we already recognized here as SET GOD and SET CRUDE REALITY respectively for mathematical purposes.


In the Bible, which is our mathematical function, we can read a certain God saying in the book of Genesis chapter 1 verses 20 to 22;

“And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl [that] may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that [it was] good. And God blessed them, saying, Be FRUITFUL, and MULTIPLY, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl MULTIPLY IN THE EARTH.”


HEURISTICALLY considering the Bible as our mathematical function, ORGANIC REPRODUCTION can now be validly considered as an element of SET GOD by applying CAUSE AND EFFECT scientific principle because by using the Bible as our mathematical function, we can DIRECTLY ASSOCIATE organic reproduction to God, THUS, A VALID MATHEMATICAL PROOF OF A VALID BIJECTION OR ONE-TO-ONE CORRESPONDENCE.



(SOURCE: http://esoriano.wordpress.com/2007/11/12/the-truth-about-the-debate-against-sam-jordison/ )

To date, Mr. Tony O’Neill has not been able to give further comments to make a counter argument.

The aforementioned debate above clearly indicates that we human beings cannot really rely on our own LIMITED physical intelligence and is an obvious manifestation of our tendency to make hash generalizations based on what we percieve as real using our limited physical senses. We human beings live in a reality full of inherent uncertainties as a FINITE organism and we must not view reality as absolute as some of us may perceive it to be using FINITE physical measurement methods. To do so would not lead us to a better understanding rather will lead us to GROSS DELUSION and that is very COUNTER PRODUCTIVE.

Monday, September 1, 2008


What could cause such a catastrophe? In the past Evolution has served as an intellectual basis for Hitler's Nazism, which resulted in a holocaust. Before it founded Marx's Communism. Yet the name of Charles Darwin was never mentioned alongside with Hitler. Even though Darwin was the "scientist" who directly inspired the German philosopher, Nietzsche; who in turn composed the superman theory and the Nazi corollary that some people were subhuman. Hitler used this as an excuse to EXTERMINATE the Jewish people. The expression "natural selection," as applied to human beings, turns up at the Wannsee Conference in the prime document of the Holocaust. Leading Nazis, and early 1900 influential German biologists, revealed in their writings that Darwin's theory and publications had a MAJOR INFLUENCE upon Nazi race policies. Hitler believed that the human gene pool could be improved by using selective breeding similar to how farmers breed superior cattle strains. In the formulation of their racial policies, Hitler's government relied heavily upon Darwinism, especially the elaborations by Spencer and Haeckel. As a result, a central policy of Hitler's administration was the development and implementation of policies designed to protect the 'superior race'. The belief that evolution can be manipulated by scientists to produce a 'superior race' was the central theme of Nazism. Even so, many misdirected people have claimed that Hitler was a Christian and commented on his writings as they claimed he was doing Gods will. Writings that came from his book he wrote while in prison. The cross on the Wartburg Castle was replaced by an immense floodlit swastika. In bowing to the swastika, the German christians turned their backs on the cross. When Hitler mobilized his storm troopers, he used the swastika as its symbol. In his book Mein Kampf Hitler describes the swastika as a mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man. The swastika and the cross represent two entirely different ideas. Swastika called for the blood of innocent people, the Christian cross does not. In the Nuremburg rally of 1934, it consisted of 35,000 swastikas..... NOT CROSSES so If Hitler believed in God , why would he plan to destroy religious institutions? A senior member of the US prosecution team at Nuremberg, General William Donovan, compiled a huge amount of documentation that the Nazis planned to destroy German Christianity systematically— Donovan's documents were stored at Cornell University after his death in 1959, and are now being posted online at Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion. The first installment is the huge (108 pages) PDF file, The Nazi Master Plan: The Destruction of the Christian Churches.